Thursday, May 21, 2020

Week #34 - Jake

Emily had ordered a new toastie machine on Amazon. After 2 days the box had finally arrived. The acceleration of the postman's truck had woke Emily up. The sky was dark that day so she thought it was a good day to try it out. Emily rushed down the stairs, across the kitchen (knocking over a chair) and across to the front door. She opened the door trying not to let one leaf into her house. She grabbed the package trying not to disturb the racoon living in her garden then she closed the door. At last, she got it.

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  1. To Jake, I really enjoyed reading your 100wc because it painted a really good picture in my head. My favourite bit in your writing is. "The acceleration of the postman's truck had woke Emily up” because it has great descriptive language. From Annabel


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