Thursday, May 21, 2020

Week #34 - Penny

I was walking home from school under the bright sun shining from the blue sky. I came across an antique chair beside the road; on top of it was a mysterious looking box and one green leaf taped to it. Curiously I went over and took a look. I carefully peeled the leaf off the box and I saw it had some writing on it. It read, “I know this may seem mysterious to you, but what’s inside will bring you great joy.” I opened the box and fell in love with what I saw. It was a baby raccoon!

1 comment:

  1. You set the scene so well for your delightful story, Penny. I like the way you talk about a ‘mysterious looking box’ and you have managed to get all the prompt words in to your story effortlessly! I also like the idea of someone writing on the back of a leaf – very imaginative.

    Janet Team 100WC


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