Tom 22.5.21

 It was 8:00am - the lights flickered down on the streets. There were no cars in sight but I could hear sirens in the distance. Just then a flash of light, then, darkness… *BOOM*... just then a car exploded right in front of my face... just then my feelings went from happy to overwhelmed to anxious. I was in the middle of the 2021 purge all by myself. My first thoughts were run, but where? Under the bridge? I pull out my phone to dial DAD, 2 percent and no reception. Just then I woke up sweating. Silly silly dream.


  1. Hi Tom, excellent response to the prompt this week and a very interesting twist there at the end that I did not see coming, well done! In particular, I enjoyed your use of language techniques such as onomatopoeia, rhetorical questions, and also certain punctuation that added more dramatic effect.

    Keep up the good work,
    Anna (Team 100WC)

    1. Hi Anna
      Thank you for your comment.
      Thanks Tom.


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