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Eliza 28.5.21

The sight was breathtaking. I was glad that we had come. I had almost been bored to death in the car ride; but as mum had said at least ten times the car ride was going to be worth it. So we had travelled 3 hours so mum could show us this secluded spot. Facing towards the sea was a stone pillar reaching for the sky. Surrounding it was the fallen remains of what had been a grand building. Mum said the building had been mostly standing when she had last visited but the recent storms had taken their toll.

John 28.5.21

It was a day like many others. The glowing sun brightened the atmosphere as usual. The clouds flowing away as they cross the horizon. I was watching TV, when I pondered, “It's so boring nothing ever happens”, when a light suddenly covered the whole area. I was bewildered. A few minutes later everything was back to normal or so I thoug ht. I w as stranded in the middle of nowhere! W hen I had finally calmed down. I saw a mysterious tower. I was filled with curiosity so I approached it. *BZZZZZZ!* “Phew, I said in relief” It was all a dream...

Chloe 28.5.21

It was another day on the road, we were still driving to our destination. I looked out the window,  I saw so many adventures and magical mysteries. Finally we had arrived. Birds were chirping, nature was russurling. I turned around and to my surprise I saw a mystical tower. What was inside? I wanted to know.  Slowly creeping towards the tower I then turned around and saw nothing. Not even my family was near. I started to question where I really was. Out of nowhere the tower faded away right in front of my eyes. What do I do now?

Tegan 28.5.21

  It was another hot day and I thought my friends and I would go and look at that world's biggest structure. 2 hours went by and we were there. It was a big uphill walk to get to it but It was worth it. There was a beautiful big view of the sea. The structure was right on the edge of the cliff with a gate around it. We had been there for half an hour and we were just leaving until we heard a crack, it was the structure about to fall. I looked around and it was gone…. 

Ally - 28.5.21

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lily. She loved exploring and she had been basically everywhere. Until one day she came across a pathway that was overgrown with leaves all over the path. Lily decided that she would walk down the path. Little did she know that it led to a gigantic tall stone tower. When she saw the tower she was amazed; that she had never seen it . Lily walked into the tower and had an amazing view of the ocean. Lily loved the tower so she decided to stay there for a little longer.

Archie 28.5.21

  Wow, that's a long walk. What is that up ahead? I must look. First I'm going to eat lunch.  I'm so hungry, I can feel my stomach rumbling and growling at me. Mmm Mum, give me a burger. I'm going to enjoy this. I feel like I've just taken a bite out of a 5 star award winning restaurant burger. Back to walking; it looks so far away I must proceed. Hey, who’s that in the distance! Let me get out my military binoculars, even though I’ve never been in the military - it just sounds cool. Ohhh it looks like……

Amelia 22.5.21

  Hi I'm Emma Smith and not going to lie, I hate my parents with passion. They didn’t let my friends come for the night because my crazy nana is staying the night with us. I was just going to have like ten friends over. I was listening to my favorite song savage love as nana came up and closed the door and gave me a teddy. I fell asleep instantly. When I woke up I saw a flash of light, then darkness. I could hear my mum crying and dad slamming doors and  nana said it will be over soon….

Tom 22.5.21

  It was 8:00am - the lights flickered down on the streets. There were no cars in sight but I could hear sirens in the distance. Just then a flash of light, then, darkness… *BOOM*... just then a car exploded right in front of my face... just then my feelings went from happy to overwhelmed to anxious. I was in the middle of the 2021 purge all by myself. My first thoughts were run, but where? Under the bridge? I pull out my phone to dial DAD, 2 percent and no reception. Just then I woke up sweating. Silly silly dream.

Archie 22.5.21

  I was roaming around the streets of Ashburton waiting for the street lights to turn on. It was dark - I could barely see. Squinting my eyes, then a flash of light, then...darkness - it had me shivering! My hairs shot up faster than any bullet. (Bang) All electricity shut down - now I was worrying.  By myself waiting for my dinner... (knew it wouldn't be coming anytime soon). Luckily I had my phone in my right pocket. Uhh ohh - it's got 2 percent! Why have I been on tiktok non stop ?(wee-ow-wee-0w) That's the siren. Noooo... the apocalypse has started!!…

Tegan 14.5.21

  It was a lovely evening; I thought I should go fishing down the road in the big pond. I was the only one that really knew about it so I always kept my boat there. Rowing through the water, I dropped my oar. I was stunned; I looked up at the mushroom clouds thinking what I should do. I was so wistful that I dropped my oar, but that's when I had a great idea to look at this wrinkled map. I was in the middle of the lake. Now this should be a rule to always fish with someone.

Eliza 14.5.21

  Today was the day I was going to my dragon boating camp. Everything was packed: my oar, the mushroom lollies (my Grandma gave me) and lots of clothes. “Now remember” my mum said, her face wrinkled with worry “if you don’t like it you can come back” I nodded my eyes watering. I snuck a glance through the window and saw Phoebe, watching us looking wistful. I knew exactly why, she had been offered a spot at the camp too but had turned it down. As I started walking to the gate my mum yelled “and Eliza remember the rule!”

Alex 14.5.21

  My boat engine has stalled and all I have left…. an oar to paddle to shore. My Dad is telling himself that today was not the day for mushroom hunting. I get the wistful feeling that we might want to head back to the boat ramp. But on the way we had some fun. We both jumped off the boat into the lake and had a swim. The only rule was that there was no rule. We finally got to the boat ramp and our fingers were so wrinkled. And that was the End of our Fun in the lake.

Ruby 14.5.21

  Today I was walking along the beach and there was a plastic oar washed up. There was a bottle attached to the handle by a string, I undid the knot and opened the bottle, inside the bottle was a wrinkled piece of paper with a rule on it . The top left corner of the paper had a drawing of a spotty red and white mushroom. As I read the rules I had a wistful look on my face because I remembered writing rules when I was younger. I took the paper home and put it in a small black frame.

Amwolf 14.5.21

  “Another strange day on the wide sea”, I muttered to myself as heaved my oar through the water, on one side and then the other continuously in an orderly fashion. Then one strange moment came as I flicked my eyes up for a second, and wiped away the annoying sea spray. Land! At last. I forced myself to use all my effort to row as quickly as I could. Exhausted, I flashed around to see a wrinkled mushroom and sadly remembered the one rule. Oh how I was wistful about longing to eat it as I haven't eaten in days.

Lulu - 8.5.21

  Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I hear a creak echo getting quieter until the room is deathly silent; I feel a terrifying shiver trickle down my back; trying to brush past my experience but I keep on thinking someone is lingering over me.  I decided to make some dinner but a hefty crash came from the other end of the room. I quickly ran up the stairs, thinking to myself “someone must have broken into my house”.  I go into my room but it feels like my room is getting smaller.  Until I hear the words that saved my life…. CUT, that's a rap.

Lance 8.5.21

It was dark. I just woke up with an uncomfortable feeling that there was someone outside holding a weapon and looking straight at me. I got scared and closed the curtain and hid under my sheet. When I came out darkness enveloped the room. Everything went black and after a long few minutes everything went silent. I looked outside the room and the man was gone. Then when I thought everything was alright I heard a knock on the door but when I opened it there was nothing  but a cold silent breeze. I woke up from a menacing nightmare.

Jacob 8.5.21

  On one spooky dark night we decided we should go to the forest for an adventure. When we start walking through the woods suddenly we come across a creepy looking house with sticky green vines drooping from the roof of the house. We decided to go in. We saw a bright light shining from the kitchen and we approached it. Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. We were frightened shook. Suddenly a creepy lady with a smile that goes further back then normal and wide bug eyes appeared out of nowhere. We had to run to get to the car. VROOOM.

Amwolf 8.5.21

  Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room as I walked through the narrow alleyway. As I was creeping quickly, I saw a darkened shadow slowly coming up to me. With shivers coming down my spine, the man looked at me with his eyes wide open like a possum and said,”If you wish to continue your journey you must answer my riddle.” I stood there as still as a staTue. “What's at the end of a alleyway.” He said with a deadly smile. “I do not know,” I told the man. He stood there and pulled an axe out of his cloak.

Macarena 8.5.21

  So he started counting, 1, 2…… I ran. This big house  was full of mysteries to discover. I ran to the curtains but Edmund was there, and got angry at me; “I thought you were Peter “ he said. “ Sorry” I said back to him, angrily. I was running out of time and places to hide in. Suddenly I went into a little room and I saw a wardrobe, it was a really magical looking one. I went inside it, suddenly, darkness enveloped the room so I opened a gap in the door of the wardrobe, and I realized what happened.

Tegan 8.5.21

  It was another rainy day, my mum said I could have some friends over. We wanted to go to the movies. We went and picked them up on our way to the movies to watch Peter Rabbit 2. We were watching the movie with our popcorn and drinks until suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, We all started panicking as the workers were trying to figure out what happened. Out of nowhere a lady started screaming in panic and she felt something bite her leg. My heart started racing. I tried looking for my friends, but where had they gone? 

Ethan 8.5.21

  It was like a normal day I thought to myself. Everything was quiet. You couldn't hear a single peep. Everything was strange, maybe a bit too strange. I headed to my house “MUM DAD WHERE ARE YOU!” I started to cry. Unexpectedly everything stopped. “Mum is that you?'' I cry out. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room “Who’s there” . My instincts told me it's no good, but then I felt nauseous. I think I might pass out “thud” “Son Son!” What happened mum “you passed out” we found you  so we took you to the hospital now you are safe now.

Zac 8.5.21

  Ow my head hurts. What is this place, it's gigantic. Where am I? It looks like a mansion SCREEEECH!!!!. What was that screech? Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room and all of a sudden candles on the walls. I heard another screech but this time it sounded close it was coming from behind me. I ran towards the candles on the wall I could hear stomping. It was really close to me. I ran and ran as fast as I could. The candles went left and then there was the door that was right behind me. I ran out the door...

Allison 8.5.21

  BOOM! Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. A screech of terror came from Hazel, so we all quickly whipped out our phones to get flashlights. I looked around the room and only saw three flashlights; someone was missing. I looked at everyone's faces and saw Reina, Dave & Althea. “Hazel is missing!” I screamed then the panic set in. Dave & althea started to pull rocks out of the entrance to get us out of the cave. Then I said that me and Reina would go and search for Hazel; we started to search but didn't find her. Then we looked up and...

John 8.5.21

  It was just my average day... or so I thought. As I was walking home I noticed something was abnormal. It was too quiet, unreasonably silent. I was walking down the road, when a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort plummeted through my spine. After a petrifying walk I arrived at my lifeless looking house. I was about to go to sleep when I heard an uproarious sound. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. My instincts were roaring at me to move, but I could no longer control my trembling hands. When I thought all hope vanished, a shred of light remained…

Eliza 8.5.21

  If you are reading this you would be best to chuck it away and never think about it ever again. But if you decide to keep reading I might as well tell my story. It all started 3 years ago in 2018. I was in my house babysitting my baby sister while my parents were out for dinner. Everything was so peaceful and that was exactly when everything went wrong. As it went dark outside I suddenly heard someone pounding on the door. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, the door creaked open and people stepped inside and started their search...

Chloe 8.5.21

  It was a still sunny day, I was walking home from school like I always do. I opened the door and then realized no one was home and that all of the curtains were pulled. I turned on the lights and strolled to the kitchen to get some food. Without a warning, I heard a scream coming from down the hallway. I started panicking! Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I heard footsteps, loud breathing followed along too. I quickly dashed to the front door. My heart was racing. Until I heard a ringing in my ear, then I woke up.

Archie 8.5.21

  Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room and it became really scary. ‘Where are the lights?’ it was pitch black inside of a haunted house. The day was october the 31 and we all knew what that meant. I was shivering, my teeth were chattering, I heard a noise ‘ bang bang bang’ It was coming from the basement, the door creaked open. I slowly walked backwards and walked into something. I screamed ‘aaaaaaa’ lucky it was Tom. He was here to save me I felt, but he shoved me so hard down the basement stairs ‘bang’ the door shut. I was trapped……