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Kate - Week 8

We were going on a trip in a truck to some ‘secret’ place. We stopped on the side of the road because we needed some fresh air. I stood by a large tree and I saw something moving. The small, furry creature slowly climbed its way up the branch, it had three claws on each paw to help it stay on the branch and it had marks around its eyes similar to a panda. Suddenly a vehicle came around the corner blasting out loud music. I looked back to see if the creature was still there but it had vanishe

Amwolf - Week 8

  “Come on! Pump the music louder!” my mate shouted as we headed towards the four wheel driving track down by the rivermouth. The music was already blasting our ears but that's just the way we liked it w hile I turned up the bass on max. Slowly we tumbled in our toyota hilux towards the hill. As we climbed, the vehicle suddenly jolted to a stop so we put on the hand brake and hopped out to see our dinner in front of us. A delicious baby deer came out of the blue infront of our truck and smashed his head.

Taylor - Week 8

  There was a furry cat, but he heard something that was abysmal to his ears. It sounded like music, but all the notes were jumbled up. He vowed to stop it, and he started to search for the cause of the music. He climbed onto a vehicle close to him. And he saw a shop with a radio! It was on the other side of the road. He slowly made his way to the other side of the road. However he was so slow that the shop closed! He was mad but also glad because they’d turned off the radio.

Tegan - Week 8

Yay we are going to q ueenstown. Mum had just got a new vehicle ; this was the first time she has driven it on a very long trip. While we were on the road traviling mum put the music to full blast and my ears started hurting straight away. We’re finalliy there! We quickly unpacked and went up the mountain to ski. I was the best at skiing; I was always at the bottom when they were slowly coming down the mountain. I got sick of waiting for them so I climbed onto the furry chair lift and off I went.

Tom - Week 8

It was the 16th of July when I was taking my Honda CRF250X down the river that was as soft as quicksand. I was about to head back up the river when I heard a vehicle that was playing music . I started up the Honda CRF, climbed on, turned around, then started hooning back up the river. Then all of a sudden 100 furry creatures came up and started following me. They had 4 red eyes and six brown legs but they were going so slow ly I thought they were going to fall over, but instead they started chasing  ME!!

Madeline - Week 8

Today was the most exciting day! I was going to buy my first vehicle with my money! It had to be amazing! I would go driving by the beach and listen to music and just go anywhere. I wen t to the car shop and looked at a few cars. I climbed into this beautiful car and glanced at all the details in it. It was perfect! I lifted up the glove box and there was an unwanted surprise. A furry rat! It was definitely a red flag for me. I slowly hopped out of the car and kept on looking.

Chloe - Week 8

  We were finally leaving. I was finishing packing my bag, Dad was getting the vehicle ready. I was filled with joy and excitement. Mum turned on the music , we were on the road. Slowly we were getting close. I looked out my window at the most stunning view ever. We were driving on a hill looking down at a lake that was filled with crystal clear water. We were here. I put on my furry jacket and climbed out of the car. Running around the corner, what I saw was not what I was expecting. Where have they taken me?

Niamh - Week 8

  I had been waiting for ages to get my new vehicle and the day had finally come. I slowly made my way to the new car. I stepped over the  step and climbed in. The music played softly in the background while I sat down on the comfy, furry front seat. The salesman asked me if I wanted to take her for a quick spin. I drove down the street. The journey was so smooth. I drove all the way to Ashburton and back; trying out all the new things. I didn’t want to stop driving. I loved this car!

Ally - Week 8

  I had been waiting for 2 weeks to go on our car trip. The day had finally come. We were packing our bags and Dad was getting the vehicle ready.  We left at 12:30 and were going to arrive at about 2:30. The music was slowly playing as almost everyone in the car was asleep. When we arrived at our campsite I climbed out of the car with my furry jacket on. I was so happy that we arrived at our campsite, after I had been waiting for two long weeks. I fell asleep quickly in my bed.

Maxton - statue

One bright sunny day my family and I head out on a bush walk. The walk is long but it has a lot of cool native bushes and really detailed trees and stones. As we keep walking, getting closer and closer to the top, I glimpse the head of a weird looking statue. I run ahead of my family to get a better look. I gingerly approach the statue and it looks like a gravestone.  As I read the gravestone it talks about a soldier who died in a war in that area. I am amazed it’s where I’m standing.

Jarrhed - statue

The man on the statue always scared me since I always thought it would break free from the stone. I had a dream once where it would break free after 100 years. I had always thought it was just a nightmare but it was a vision that in the year 2030 the statue will break free from the stone. The statue is approximately 5000 years old and was built by early human s. N ow here we are 10 years later the statue has broken free, demolishing cities one by one. There's no way to stop it but to wait patiently.

Taylor - statue

It was a stormy night in the park like always, the expert geese had taken all of the land from the humans. However there was slight hope, The humans sent the strongest troop they had, and his name was Sir Something. Sir Something was a master at stealth and kicked some geese into the sun. Then suddenly, BAM! A goose used a bomb to blow up Sir Something which sent him to the moon. Everyone was mad at the geese, and the geese got sent to the sun. Some still say Sir Something is still alive to this day.. somehow.

Tom - statue

The sky was dark , the orange and red morning sky drifted over the top of the batted down trenchers. The date was 28th of July 1917 right in the midst of WW1. The Germans had just fired guns up in the air to show that we needed to start again. I got up and beated my drum to wake up the other soldiers. They all got and saluted in sync. I marched them up the hill to Jabba Point where we could get a good look out on all the soldiers. Then BANG a shot fired up , we were gone….

Archie - statue

  I remember the day war started he was the leader of the english army we all loved him so much he was our hero. He had 200 IQ. He knew every plan the Germans were going to take and he would always counter attack them. He took us to victory. I also remember the day he passed away from the germans terrorist attack even though the war had ended a year before. I met him once at a dinner. He played the drums for all of us. There was nothing that man couldn’t do. He will always be a legend.

Zac - statue

  In the year 1939 there were many wars going on at the time. But there was this one guy who is really good at sniping the enemies from a distance. As the enemies were pushing forward the man's name was David Jeffersons. When it was night and the opposing army wasent attacking David would tell jokes to his army. At dusk the almost gone army attacked with everything they had. David's army was outnumbere d n ow the other army got reinforcement but David brought his army time to retrea t D avid threw and threw grenades. He ran out of grenades but d avid….

Tegan - statue

It was another ordinary day. I was just standing there with my drums and my swords waiting for people to stop and look at me. It was at that time of day where everyone would normally come and see me but no one came. It was getting late until one person came up the hill and went straight under and broke the rule. The rule said do not touch. But that kid did and then I came alive. I touched myself and my skin was softed the boy ran away as fast as he could wishing he didn’t touch me.    

Zac 12.6.21

One day in a mysterious cave, a humanoid-like creature came sluggishly out of the small cave on the edge of town “ Which way to the shops?’’ it panted… as he slithered like a slug into the deserted part of town. It was now at the front of the dairy. The thing was looking around the dairy for something, was it food or something else?. “There is nothing,” it screamed as the thing went into a blind rage and it grew in size. It was about the size of a building. The humanoid-like creature ran to the populated town and everyone...

Chloe 12.6.21

I woke up feeling like I had forgotten something, something important. What was it though? I know I didn’t know, until my mum woke. Then it hit me. It was Mother's Day , h ow on earth did I forget! There was only one problem, maybe more. I didn’t have anything to give her! Without saying anything I put my coat on and grabbed my dog, so I didn’t look suspicious. I started running almost too fast for my own feet. ‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted. Who was that? Were they talking to me? If so, was that my dog?

Taylor - 12.6.21

  It was a sunny day, and there was a cat. He was starving, but noticed a shop. He ran to it but he ran into construction, and got picked up by a crane. He could only jump into the fore st, a nywhere else he would be damaged. So he took a leap, and landed safely in a lake. He noticed some campers, and ran to them quickly. … ‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted … They didn’t understand what he said, but the cat saw the shops behind them. He ran to the shops and had a wonderful ice cream.

Kate - 12.6.21

I was walking down the street to the shop and I saw something coming my way. It was running toward me at a tremendous speed. “Which way to the shops?” it panted. “That way.” I said pointing in the direction I was going. Whatever it was, it didn’t look right. It had gigantic eyes, a bulbous nose, ragged fur and a big long slobbery tongue. I arrived at my destination/the shop’s, it was now lunchtime and I was hungry. I walked in and there it was looking into the ice cream tub. I bought a pie and walked home.

Eliza - 12.6.21

  As I turned the corner onto Tuners d riv e t he nicest dressed monster I have ever seen ran straight into me. It’s soft pink suit went hand in hand with it’s electric blue fur. It had small horns that stuck out of his head in a breathtaking spiraling pattern, but the picture was ruined by the fact it was wearing no shoes and it’s suit was torn. It looked up at me with soft brown eye s “w hich way to the shops?’ it panted. I lifted my shaking hand and pointed the way I had come. The monster ran off and disappeared.

Kate - 4/6/21

  The forest looked more beautiful than the day before. There were animals all around the abandoned hut. Some were drinking out of gutters and some were eating the small berries growing out of the window. There was a hole in the side of the hut and a bird feeder that was now filled with dirt and grass. A small squirrel was sitting in a tree with a nut in it’s paws. It cracked it open and the nut fell to the ground. Suddenly the squirrel opened the flaps on its sides. “ I didn’t know they could fly!” my sister said.

Tom - 4/6/21

  The sky was dark, the evening red and orange sky drifted overhead as I was riding my bike home from a long day's work on the farm. Suddenly there lying motionless on the ground was a duck. It looked like it had only one wing. I swerved to avoid it and carried on my way back home. Then all of a sudden I heard a quack. Quick as a flash I jolted my head up into the night sky and there were lots of ducks led by the one with only one wing ‘…I didn’t realise they could fly!…’

Reina - 4/6/21

  My friends and I went to the pet store and bought a little pig. We then brought her home to take good care of. We thought of a name for our pig. After hours of thinking we came up with a name. We called our pig Peppa. Althea and I then filled a little pool with water as Peppa rolled in a pond of mud. The little pool was ready for Peppa to take a bath. Peppa ran and jumped into the small pool but before Peppa could touch the water she grew wings. I didn’t realise she could fly!

Chloe - 4/6/21

We had arrived. We were down at the beach on a still sunny da y, it was stunning. I went down towards the water as I was already getting bored. I picked up a stone and threw it into the water and to my surprise I spotted something swimming in the water . “What is it?” my sister whispered to me. “I don’t know,” I whispered back. “Wait, is that a fish!” my sister yelled. “Mum come here”. Suddenly the fish came shooting up towards the sky then it started flying in the air! “I didn’t realise they could fly!” I said .

Amwolf - 4/6/21

  It all started on another sunny, Saturday morning as I was taking a long walk on the wide sand. The beach was four thousand meters long and with a low tide it was stunning. While walking, I stumbled across a wee little crab , wandering through the rockpools. I picked it up and took a close up look at it. Noticing its tiny features along its legs all of a sudden it flew up at me and nipped my ear! I didn’t realise they could fly! I placed the bully back down on the sand and carried on with my walk.

Amelia 4/6/21

I was walking down the street thinking how I love our town where the trees are bare and the sky is brown. I ended up at the beach. I love the shimmering brown ocean. Before I knew it a giant man eater came out of the sky and I didn’t realise they could fly! These things look like giant bunnies that flap their extra large ears like wings and have super long teeth. It swooped at me and caught my shirt in its teeth and up I went before it dropped me in the water because I screamed too much.

4/6/21 - Taylor

  In the cold mist of Antarctica, there are some birds known as penguins. I was looking around and I saw a lot of these critters, and all of them were known to be flightless. But there was one penguin trying to change that. He worked for hours to create a device that could boost him into the air. And then the penguin tried it. It was an ice jetpack. He turned it on, and I said “..I didn’t realise they could fly!..” but then, the flames of the jetpack melted the ice jetpack. I guess they can’t fly after all...

Fletcher 4/6/21

  One day I was fishing in the Sounds and I pulled up a Flying fish which I didn't realise they could fly. It started flipping and it went all round the boat and then flew straight at me but luckily I ducked and it hit the side of the boat and died.  We had it for dinner and it was yummy.

Ruby 4/6/21

  “I didn’t know they could fly!” Ally said as I pointed up at the sky towards 3 chickens soaring through the air. We watched where they were going and they ended up landing on a wharf beside lots of people with food. One of the people gave them a hot chip each. When they had finished the chips then flew off again. We went home and we explained to mum how we saw flying chicken s ,s he thought that was pretty cool. We went to go play outside and there they we re th e three strange chickens flying high above our house

George 4/6/21

  One beautiful day, I woke up and I thought, I reckon I’m going to go fishing. So I packed up my boat and jumped into my 2014 Toyota Hilux and headed out to the bay. I launched my boat from the boat ramp and then headed out to my number one spot to go fishing. On the way there I felt some bumps and I stopped a bit to see what was happening . Then I ignored it and kept going. I then felt one last bump before the boat launched into the air “I didn’t realise they could fly”.

Achie 4/6/21

I thought it could be a lovely summer walk. Walking through these tall golden brown palm trees I could mistake myself for being in heaven, until I saw a horse flying ‘I didn’t realise they could fly!’  Where's my phone? I need a video of this so I could be social media famous. I will be a quintillionaire, I got my phone. Heyyy where did the flying horse go? Heyy there she is starting flying again. I need this fame. I could buy a humongous boat  that costs $800,000,000. That would be the greatest investment ever. Now fly!

Niamh 4/6/21

  “But we can’t take cars over the sea, we need a plane. We are only in New Zealand, '' I explained. “Hold on, you’ll see soon.” “But I...” he cuts me off again “you take that car.” I follow my instructions and hop into the driver's seat of the blue car. “Press the green button,” he tells me; I do so and “Wow I didn’t realise they could fly .” We were flying over everyone avoiding the traffic. We flew all the way to London over famous statues and landmarks to land in Disneyland. “What a short ride that was,” I said.

James 4/6/21

  One day I was going skydiving with my friends but then a terrible thing happened. Maxton and Archie fell out of the plane and they both had no parachute on. They were both free falling. Suddenly they stretched out their arms and legs and the air shot them up. I didn’t realise they could fly.  They were wearing free falling body suits. I watched as they were gliding through the air and when I released my parachute they were gone. I thought they would have landed at the bottom but I was wrong. Where could they be? What has happened?

Eliza 4/6/21

I snuck through the forest trying to stay as silent as possib le m aking one leaf rustle could ruin my chances. I was so excited. If I could get a good picture of a rare little spotted kiwi I could get the last of the money I needed to pay for my flight to Italy. I paused and listened carefully as there was the sound of rustling leaves. Creeping carefully forward, I found a clearing with a little spotted kiwi flying around in it. An excited whisper escaped my lips “I didn’t know they could fly!” carefully I raised my Camera.

Lance 4/6/21

One day I was walking down to the bird zoo and I saw this turkey staring at me menacingly. The zoo was filled with birds. I thought it was odd putting an animal that couldn't fly in a bird zoo.  The turkey moved backwards and spread its wings out and flew away at 50 miles at high speed. He was zooming around like he hadn't eaten in days and he was waiting for his food to arrive.  When it arrived it put its wings away to eat. I went home thinking to myself “I didn’t realize they could fly”.  Amazing!