Maxton - statue

One bright sunny day my family and I head out on a bush walk. The walk is long but it has a lot of cool native bushes and really detailed trees and stones. As we keep walking, getting closer and closer to the top, I glimpse the head of a weird looking statue. I run ahead of my family to get a better look. I gingerly approach the statue and it looks like a gravestone.  As I read the gravestone it talks about a soldier who died in a war in that area. I am amazed it’s where I’m standing.


  1. Kia ora Maxton.
    Your story here makes it easy to imagine what it would be like coming across a statue like this. I like that you made the statue have a plaque on it with information about the soldier.
    You have used some great vocabulary in your writing and this is something which you should try to do all the time. I especially like the use of the word 'gingerly' - well done.
    Ms M #100WC


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