Lulu - 8.5.21

 Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I hear a creak echo getting quieter until the room is deathly silent; I feel a terrifying shiver trickle down my back; trying to brush past my experience but I keep on thinking someone is lingering over me.  I decided to make some dinner but a hefty crash came from the other end of the room. I quickly ran up the stairs, thinking to myself “someone must have broken into my house”.  I go into my room but it feels like my room is getting smaller.  Until I hear the words that saved my life…. CUT, that's a rap.


  1. (Morgan Team 100) Hiya Lulu, a really exciting read this week, and I liked the twist ending. You use some really interesting vocabulary like 'trickle' and 'lingering'. My favourite part was when you describe the characters thoughts, so the reader knows just how scared they are. Great reading this week, and thanks for letting me have a look!

  2. (macarena kea 4 ) i really like it, is a really exciting story!

  3. I really like all the language you used and I also really like the ending.

  4. Good work Lulu! Keep up it up!


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