Jacob 8.5.21

 On one spooky dark night we decided we should go to the forest for an adventure. When we start walking through the woods suddenly we come across a creepy looking house with sticky green vines drooping from the roof of the house. We decided to go in. We saw a bright light shining from the kitchen and we approached it. Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. We were frightened shook. Suddenly a creepy lady with a smile that goes further back then normal and wide bug eyes appeared out of nowhere. We had to run to get to the car. VROOOM.


  1. Greetings from Australia Jacob. I love the way you carefully chose vocabulary to provide descriptions for your reader. It makes your text engaging. I have a very clear image of the creepy lady. I liked your choice of font and text colour, but a background of green is not my favourite. 🙏😊

  2. Hiya Jacob, a super scary read! You are very good at creating a spooky and mysterious atmosphere. My favourite part was when you used onomatopoeia of 'VROOOM', especially in capital letters to make it stand out. Great reading this week, thanks for letting me have a look!


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