John 28.5.21

It was a day like many others. The glowing sun brightened the atmosphere as usual. The clouds flowing away as they cross the horizon. I was watching TV, when I pondered, “It's so boring nothing ever happens”, when a light suddenly covered the whole area. I was bewildered. A few minutes later everything was back to normal or so I thought. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere! When I had finally calmed down. I saw a mysterious tower. I was filled with curiosity so I approached it. *BZZZZZZ!* “Phew, I said in relief” It was all a dream...


  1. Hello John, I think you have chosen some wonderful words to make your story interesting. You have created a really good visual image for the reader. I think I would have liked you finish your story earlier and not said it was a dream. I know you would normally resolve your story line, but in this case, I think you could have created a mystery if you had finished the story "...I said in relief". In that way the reader would be left wondering what might happen next. What do you think? (Cath, Team100, Melbourne, Australia)

  2. Hi John your writing was super interesting keep it up.
    From Archie.


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